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Sourcing Specialist

The idea of has attracted the best minds in the country. Hence, we are blessed to have sourcing specialists having sourcing expertise in major commodities to offer to our precious clients. These specialists are graduates of top local and international universities, holding degrees from MBA, MS and PhDs. A number of them hold certifications in sourcing and supply chain management.

Team Experience

Sourcing team at is in double digits currently and had worked in renowened MNCs and local ginats, as they have cumulatively handled sourcing worth more than billion PKR. It is needless to mention that they have sourced across the country.

Circular Economy

We at are striving to close the loop for achieving circular economy in the country. We are the only documented portal for this effort. As the number of trasactions of our service are growing, we take pride in announcing the PKR contribution of these transactions to circular economy and green supply chain management. It will be reported soon.

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